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Our small groups are divided into 3 types. Connecting, Community, and  Content. Find out more about each.

Connecting Groups

Connecting groups exist entirely for the purpose of connecting people within our churches with those who are not yet part of a church. These groups exist to create a safe place for genuine relationship—no bait-and-switch. Examples of Connecting Groups might be softball, crafting, game night, service projects, financial classes, interest groups, or compassionate ministry.

Community Groups

Community groups are small groups designed to share life together. There may or may not be a curriculum, and our primary objective is to encourage one another to follow Jesus. There are three objectives we hope people will experience in a Community Group:

1) Sharing Life;

2) Praying Together;

3) Exploring Jesus’ mind, heart, will, etc.

When you see a Community Group advertising that it is implementing the five habits of healthy churches , that means they are using their time to share how they engage these habits on a daily basis. Our desire is for the culture of our churches to be transformed by people commited to ASPEN

Content Groups

Content groups are groups meeting to study specific material or curriculum together. Bible studies, topical studies, life-training courses, and other types of content groups can better equip us and empower us to follow Jesus as Lord. The primary objective of Content Groups is to learn the topic being studied together.

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