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Acts of Blessing

Bless three people each day. Acts of blessing can range from a note of encouragement, a simple gift…whatever comes to mind.


Share a Meal

Share a meal or even just coffee with three people each week. You can share a meal at work during your break, or coffee after work. Gospel things happen around the table.


Prayer and Listening

Spend an hour each week simply listening to the Holy Spirit. Most of our time in prayer is asking for things—we want to be people who listen intently for the voice of God.


Engage the Gospels 

Spend time each day in the gospels to become more aware of who Jesus actually is and what he has taught us. We engage with Jesus so we may become more like him.


Nightly Recap

Spend some time each evening evaluating how we have partnered with Jesus, how we have resisted him, and how we can more effectively follow him.

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