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The largest known living organism on earth is an aspen tree. At first glance, it looks like a grove of thousands of trees spread over 106 acres. However, there is a single root system- all of the individual trees are connected at the roots, dependent on one another for nourishment and growth. Several expressions of “tree” … one set of roots


Connect is many expressions of "church" connected at the root of a single mission:


"To Make Christ like Disciples in Kootenai County."


After striving to minister in our communities independently, we have come to realize that we are better together than we are apart..

We Connect to Love God:

Each expression of community is committed to exalting the name of Jesus whenever and wherever we gather.

We Connect to Love People:

Our communities are filled with people made in God’s image – it’s our desire to show them the love of Christ and engage in Gospel centered acts and conversation.

We Connect to Make Disciples:

We encourage everyone who is a part of Connect to engage in community through small group discipleship and acts of service in ministry.

We are Connect:

One Body, Many Expressions! Welcome! 

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